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“Team India is well placed to win the T20 World Cup” – WV Raman

The former coach for Indian women, WV Raman, claimed that Team India under Virat Kohli is well placed to win the upcoming T20 World Cup. India last won an ICC event in 2013 when they beat England to be crowned Champion Trophy winners.

India’s best chance to break through this trophy drought this year comes in the form of ICC T20 World Cup 2021. With a strong and established mix of young people and the elderly in the team, Virat Kohli has an excellent opportunity to lead the team to success. According to WV Raman, however, they should be careful about complacency while facing the ‘weaker sides’ in the tournament.

Indian team (Image credit: Twitter)

It is not so much pressure as it can be complacency. Complacency may not be the reason every time. But the most important thing is that if a very powerful and popular team is against a side that is considered inexperienced and weak, there is a danger of always being caught unawares by a team unknown. Because if you have a side where you know about every player, the opponents can plan and see how they can oppose the best players in the opposition,Said the 56-year-old.

‘T20 is a format in which no one is sure what would happen’ – WV Raman

The T20 World Cup is being held from October 17 and starts with the qualifiers in Oman. Adjacent England and Western India, the Men go into Blue as strong favorites in the tournament. But the nature of the format guarantees nothing, as said by Raman. As an example of tennis legend Novak Djokovic, he said:

T20 is a format in which no one is sure what would happen. Everything can change in just one go. This is the beauty of sports. You look at world number 1 Djokovic, who failed to win the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. He was in great shape in tennis this year.

Virat Kohli T20 World Cup
Virat Kohli (Image Credit: Twitter)

It happens in top-level sports. In general, we can not predict what will happen in cricket, and even more so in T20 cricket. Whoever wins, or Kohli wins, it’s different. If you look at his captaincy record, he has a very good success record. India is well placed to win the T20 World Cup.

The World Cup is being held right after the completion of the IPL 2021. Both the mega events will take place in the September-November window in the United Arab Emirates.

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