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“That’s Rishabh Pant, take the attack on them!” – Brian Lara on Twitter

Brian Lara used Twitter to praise and encourage Rishabh Pant’s aggressive batting against England on day 2 of the first Test at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. The young man has already faced eight balls to indicate his intention, after India slipped from a 97/0 to 112/4.

After England were tied on day 1 for a meager 183, India started cautiously and the openers carried out the Test of 13 overs to end the day’s game. An even more difficult situation would be expected of them, as the clouds gather on the morning of day 2. Much help was offered to the bowlers, and England had the resources to make full use of it.

Rishabh pants. (Credits: Twitter)

But, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul they bat vigilantly during the night, before passing at the end of session one. An untimely Rohit dismissal by a pull shot suddenly caused England to grow in confidence. They wreaked havoc on both sides of the lunch – especially James Anderson – and left India turbulent on 112/4. Rishabh Pant has arrived, whose carefree playing style was under the scanner last month World Test Championship (WTC) final against New Zealand.

Rishabh Pant shows early signs of aggression impressing Brian Lara

Although he generally spends a while before taking calculated risks, Pant took a different approach this time. He comes on the track to Anderson, something that was seen in February-March 2021. Pant did not make a proper connection, but it did lead to West Indian great Brian Lara honoring the batsman to continue with the same intention.

Brian Lara
Brian Lara (Image Credit: Twitter)

Under the circumstances, it was difficult to score and survival was not the easiest either. Following a timid approach can make the batting team even worse, and Brian Lara feels the same. Unfortunately, just when things are starting to get tough, the rain plays a spoil and is put off for the rest of the day. Only 33.4 overs were caught on day 2, a statistic that is unlikely to improve given the forecast for day 3.

Still, if the bag dynamite, Pant, gets underway, Indian fans will have a wonderful evening. It will also be interesting to see if he takes the same belligerent approach.

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