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As a game of pure skill played by individual players, bettors often feel safe when betting on golf. Of course, there are still the same pitfalls, but it’s much easier to keep track of individual players and the weather across entire teams. Here we have included some tips and tricks that you should know when betting on golf.

Sports books out there spend a lot of time and effort fixing the best golfer to bet on. If you think you can place a bet and make money from it, you should look at sports books where the odds lie.

Understand golf betting

You need to understand golf betting before you start throwing your money around. Fortunately, they do not differ from the other bets you normally make, such as choosing a player who you think will win a season-long match. In such cases, you will see the list of participating players who have their betting lines next to their names. This gives you the expected chance that you can win, on which the prizes and payouts for each bet are adjusted. Easy, right? Well, if there are 156 players in one tournament, it’s hard to pick the 1 winner from a crowd.

The chance is usually given with numbers preceded by a minus or a plus sign. -50 would mean $ 50 had to be put forward to win $ 100 if it paid off. +50 means you deposit $ 100 and get $ 50 if it pays off. Sometimes it is also given as a fraction, and you can turn this system into a fraction by moving the decimal place two spaces to the left. For example, a +2000 player has a 20/1 chance.

Many golfers stay away from a live tournament bet due to the long chance and the much greater chance that you will lose your hard earned cash. Instead, there are three other bets you can place in the form of top-20, 2-ball or 3-ball bets. What is this?

A top-20 bet is where you at least expect the golfer to place within the top 20s of the tournament. This is a much easier bet to make, especially if you are betting on the big ones. The only problem with the consistently good players is that the sports books will change their odds and make the bets less profitable than if you bet on an underdog player who has recently achieved the best performance. The payouts are not as much as correctly predicting the winner, but there is still value you can find.

The ball bets are specific to single rounds in the tournament. A 2-ball bet is the place where you put a golfer in a head-to-head position. A 3-ball is the place where you can support the golfer against both players in their group. This reduces your pool of players to research.

Understanding of course differences

A unique thing about golf is that every course is supposed to be different. Games are not played on similar baseball floors or in stadiums, and golf plays with the environment just as much as the other players of the tournament. If you know anything about golf, you may know that longer courses are best tackled by hitting the ball as far as possible over it, while shorter courses require stricter accuracy.

This means that players with a better long game will perform better on longer courses, while short courses level the playing field with their narrow clean field that tests the accuracy of the hole. Fortunately, professional sports organizations regularly publish statistics on players and how well they work with the long or short game. Investigate and know the best golfers in the pro golf scene.

You can also take note of course history. This is a controversial topic that says that certain players have a legacy to do good (or bad) on certain tracks. There is probably some truth on both sides, but how much you believe depends on you. If you bet on one of these cases, it is up to you whether you believe in superstition or whether it is just a pattern that can break.

Common mistakes for beginners

If you want to beat the betting market, it is best to choose a strategy and keep it at all costs. Find your strengths and decide which of the above betting methods is best for you, and then do the player research you need. There are many websites, programs and other tools that can help you with that, and most of them are free.

Do not bet straight every week, it is a sure way to lose money. If you can afford it, it’s good to make an indulgent bet once every few months. Note the set, it is an underestimated and erratic measure of a golfer’s skill.

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