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The best official match balls used by the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and more

The best FIFA-approved match balls and their budget replications, used by the top players in Europe.

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These days, you do not have to score a hat trick to take home an official match ball, as it is easy to buy. At home, sports equipment is getting better and better and football is no exception.

The elite versions of this football have all been awarded the FIFA Quality Pro stamp of approval, which means they can be used in professional games. To get the FIFA approval, they have to do rigorous tests in a Swiss laboratory, which means that only the best get the nod. So you would see exactly this football at the feet of Messi, De Bruyne and Griezmann.

However, if you do not like to splash out, the official replicas are a great way to get the match-ready experience without the prize.

With that in mind, here are eight of the best official match balls used by the best leagues, clubs and competitions in Europe.

England – Premier League: Nike Flight

Nike Flight Football

The Nike Flight football uses Aerowsculpt technology that took eight years to develop. His hypothesis was that if a ball is completely smooth, it gets lost in the air and runs off course. The patented shape on the surface of the ball actually changes the ball’s relationship with the air, improving aerodynamics by up to 30 percent compared to a traditional football. The budget Nike Strike uses a similar grooving technology called AerowTrac.

Get it at JD Sports for £ 125.00 (elite) / £ 25.00 (budget)


This season, the Championship, League One and Two use this Puma team’s final ball. This ball will roll up and down the country and will hopefully be responsible for some memorable goals and matches. Both the elite and replica versions use Puma Air Lock technology to inflate your ball longer.

Get it from Sports Direct for £ 80.00 (elite) / JD Sports for £ 15.00 (budget)

Uhlsport Elysia

Uhlsport created the Elysia Balloon match ball for Ligue 1 this season, allowing two-thirds of the MSN trio to be reunited and achieve incredible goals while in Paris. The elite version has 22 thermo-bonded panels and the replica has 32. Both versions are typically stylish in a dark blue with silver and orange color.

Get it from Pros: Direct football for £ 84.00 (elite) / Decathlon for £ 29.99 (budget)

Series A: Nike Flight

The Nike Flight is designed for precision and is made by four fused panels to create a greater perfect regional zone for the best Series A players, such as Andrea Belotti and Lorenzo Insigne. The Nike Strike Serie A edition is a great replica for those who feel an affinity with Italian football and want to show it off. The textured casing helps to make a perfect turn on the ball, whether you come across the San Siro or the park.

Get it from Nike for £ 119.95 (elite) / £ 24.95 (budget)

La Liga- Puma Versnel

The Puma Accelerate has a structured surface to improve grip and aerodynamics. The best players of La Liga, such as Antoine Griezmann, like the orange flame design inspired by the Japanese anime.

Get it from Amazon for £ 104.49 (elite) / JD Sports for £ 25.00 (budget)

Carabao Cup- Puma spanFINALE

Puma’s signature ball for the Carabao Cup will be used throughout the match, from the now controversial first round to the coveted final at Wembley Stadium. The durable rubber bladder is tested so that it retains its shape for a constant ball flight.

Get it from Sports Direct for £ 80.00 (elite) / JD Sports for £ 15.00 (budget)

Europe – UEFA Champions League Final: Adidas Pro

UEFA Champions League Final - Adidas Pro

Recreate your favorite moments from the Champions League final in 2021 with these beautiful balls. Both versions feature an aspiration star design pattern, but the elite version takes it a step further and has 3D-printed stars to enhance the grip. In the colorway, your head will dream in the sky to win the trophy with cloud white and sun red and yellow stars.

Get it from JD Sports £ 120.00 (elite) / £ 18.00 (budget)

UEFA EURO 2020- Adidas Uniforia

Adidas’ iconic Uniforia was designed for the delayed Euro 2020 competition and was finally used this summer. Because this tournament was held in 12 culturally different cities, the design had to include elements of each venue. The beautiful and colorful hashtag style design wraps around the ball seamlessly connected to get a smooth track.

Get it from Lovell Soccer for £ 85.00 (elite) / £ 20 (budget)

Most balls come empty to help save on carbon emissions and packaging, so do not forget to soccer pump.


Get one at Amazon for £ 3.99

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