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The best reusable water bottles for daily use, exercise and playing football

Water bottles with detectors? Filtered water on the go? From sparkling bottles to stalwart canteens here are the best reusable water bottles

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In the last few years, many people have turned their backs on plastic for single use. This is because we as a society are becoming more eco-conscious and aware of the effect these items have on the planet. As a result, the popularity of environmentally friendly, high-quality reusable water bottles has increased. Numerous hygienic refill stations can even be found in public places as the world moves away from bottled water.

Doctors and scientists all recommend that adults drink seven glasses of water a day, which is about two liters. Many people struggle to reach the goal, which is why bottles with motivational messages and targets appeared on the side. Smart technology even creeps in hydration with water bottles that detect you and sync with your phone. But if this seems like too much for you, do not worry; there are still many good old water bottles that just do what they say on the can.

Here are 11 of the best water bottles currently available for purchase.

HYDRATE stainless steel

This large stainless steel water bottle is BPA-free and has a handy carrying strap and leak-proof screw cap.

Buy it at Amazon for £ 19.99 (1.3 liters), £ 24.99 (2.2 liters)

Ultimate Performance Runner

Never leave your water in the car again. This water bottle has a hand hole in the middle so you can easily grab it while running.

Get it at JD sports for £ 4.00

HYDRATE Motivational 900ml

This BPA-free plastic water bottle reminds you to stay hydrated with timelines to track your water intake.

Buy it at Amazon for £ 9.99

Adidas steel water bottle 750ml

This steel water bottle is dishwasher safe, so you can keep your vessel squeaky clean between workouts.

Buy it at Adidas for £ 15.37

HydrateSpark STEEL Smart water bottle

This smart water bottle can be connected via Bluetooth to your phone or fitness watch to keep track of how much water you drink. It burns when you have a drink and even a ‘find your bottle’ feature, so you never run the risk of losing this piece of kit.

Buy it at Amazon for £ 54.99 (17oz / 483ml), £ 58.99 (21oz / 596 ml)

Nike fuel jar 1818 ml

This extra large water bottle from Nike means you can take almost 2 liters of cold water with you during a workout. This means that you can get the necessary hydration in this bottle every day.

Buy it at Nike for £ 24.95


Chilly’s bottles are extremely popular. In fact, it was the brand that brought a revolutionary style of stainless steel water bottles to the masses’ attention. They come in all sizes, with over 70 different designs, and keep your cool drink cool for 24 hours. They can also keep your hot drinks warm for 12 hours.

Buy it at Amazon for £ 25.00 (500ml) , £ 30.00 (750 ml)

BRITA Vital Water Bottle

This water bottle is ideal for those who like to drink filtered water. The leading brand Brita invented this bottle with a filter built into the lid, so you can have confidence in what you drink on the go.

Buy it at Sports Direct for £ 10.00

Ion8 leak-proof slim water bottle 600ml

This stainless steel water bottle has a lid that can be opened with one push, which means it is perfect to drink while exercising. The flip-top keeps the spout clean and even has a safety lock for when you do not want easy access to your drink.

Buy it at Amazon for £ 10.99

EVERLAST Gym Barrel Water Bottle 2.2L

This plastic barrel bottle contains plenty of water to keep you hydrated during your workouts. It is BPA free and has a strap so you can wear it easily.

Buy it at Sports Direct for £ 6.99

Nike Hyperfuel Bottle 18 oz / 511 ml

This clear water bottle from Nike has a leaf-proof blow-off valve, which means you can get a good stream of water without worrying about spills.

Get it at JD Sports for £ 10.00

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