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The Danish Kaneria complains to Nick Compton for his ‘dirty mouth’ remark about Virat Kohli

Former Pakistan spinner Danish Canary paralyzed former England cricketer Nick Compton for his remarks on Indian captain Virat Kohli. Compton called Kohli a cricketer and claimed he was faced by the Delhi boy during the 2012 tour of England.

‘Is not Kohli the most notorious person? I will never forget the barrage of abuse I received in 2012 when the curse stunned me to the extent that he rendered himself a serious service. It highlights how an equal man Root, Tendulkar, Williamson et al. is, ” Compton tweeted.

However, after the backlash from fans on the micro-blog site, Compton deleted his tweet. Now Kaneria has slammed the former Middlesex cricketer, saying the English players are sledding Jasprit Bumrah on the last day of Lord’s Test could not handle the heat when Indian players returned it to them.

‘There is a former English cricketer who is disappointed with the way Virat Kohli is showing his aggression. Is it okay if you do? Do you have to rule all the time? Every time there is a big team against you, they use the same tactics to catch you as you have used against it for so many years. says Kaneria on his Youtube channel.

‘You started with that when Jasprit Bumrah walked out to bat. “Jos Buttler had something to say to him, and many other players made noise,” he added.

Kaneria said Kohli did not use any abusive language in the match, but he shows his aggression that played a big part behind Team India’s impressive win.

As captain, Kohli was just aggressive, and the crowd supported him. Speaking of abusive language, we’ve played cricket, and unless there’s a little joke, it’s never fun. I do not think Kohli used abusive language. “The aggression shown by Kohli contributed to India winning this Test match.” Kaneria added further.

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