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The Egyptian team wants to sign Dani Alves and talk to Messi

Shreen Helmy, the owner of the newly promoted Egyptian team Pharco FC, says he wants to bring Dani Alves to the club, while also acknowledging his hope of working with Lionel Messi on a charity initiative.

Pharco FC have won their 16-team squad to achieve automatic promotion to Egypt’s top flight, and the club already has ambitions to bring in a Brazilian star.

Alves is currently at his boys’ club Sao Paulo, which joined in 2019, but Helmy says the Egyptian team has a legitimate hope of bringing one of the best backs of all time to the club.

What was said?

“I’m working on bringing Dani Alves from Sao Paulo because we can benefit from his experience,” he said. ElHadath AlYoum.

“I met Alves and he told me he wanted to play with Sao Paulo since he was 8 years old, and I think I can bring him to the Egyptian Premier League.”

Hope for Messi

Helmy says the club would also like to work together current free agent Messi, although not on a sports project.

As part of his fight to help those suffering from hepatitis C, Messi visited Egypt, which he said “leads the world in the fight”.

And Helmy says he is eager to work with Messi in the fight.

“We have negotiated with Messi,” Hely admitted, “not to join our club, but to strengthen the relationship with the player after his contribution to the treatment of hepatitis C.”

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