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The former Ghanaian star, Preko, was unhappy about the timing of Akonnor’s call

The former international shared his thoughts on the situation of the Black Stars boss after a series of poor performances

Former Ghanaian winger Yaw Preko does not agree with the call for the sacking of Black Stars coach CK Akonnor, who came under fire after a 1-0 defeat to South Africa in the World Cup in 2022.

In his tenth game at the helm of affairs, the former Wolfsburg captain saw his team bend in a match two ahead of Bafana, three days after trying to beat Ethiopia 1-0 at home.

It was the sixth time his team could not win a match, three of its four victories as head coach against teams that were lower than 120 at the Fifa position.

“The dismissal is too early, it’s just two matches,” said Preko, who appeared during the 2000 Africa Cup of Nations. Joy Sports.

‘He has already qualified for the Afcon and we have only played two games, why do we have to press the panic button? No, we must be calm.

“I know how everyone feels. If you fire him now and bring another coach and we do not qualify, he will tell you that his time was very short and that you had to give him time. Will he also fire him if he does not qualify? Then we just always end up.

‘Let’s give him the support and benefit of the doubt. We know he can do it, we have to believe in him. Sometimes the person gets confused when the noise is too much.

Monday’s game was Akonnor’s second defeat in his last four games, in which his team scored only one goal.

After the recent loss, Ghana fell from first to third place on the qualifying table in Group G, behind South Africa and second place in Ethiopia.

“Ghanaians must support CK Akonnor, because it is never too late. The current players in the Black Stars are the best he has now, “Mohammed Polo, winner of 1978, said earlier. Otec FM.

‘Let’s support him and see the way forward. Let’s support our own, because the foreign coaches only get our money out. ”

Akonnor will lead Ghana into action next month when the Black Stars tackle Zimbabwe in a double header in the World Cup qualifiers.

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