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‘The Last Dance’ documentary by Michael Jordan: Watching 10-part final series, live streaming, TV and timetables

The NBA has been suspended from 2019-2010 for over two months but fortunately “The Last Dance” kept us together. The Michael Jordan’s first eight installments of documentary film are in the books and were a perfect gateway into the M.J. world of basketball. The final two episodes are scheduled for Sunday night.

The papers concentrate on the Chicago 1997-98 season – Jordan with the Bulls last year. Twenty years ago the documentary had already received enormous fervor, but the whole country was being subdued, with expectations swelling significantly – so much so that ESPN decided to air the documentary early, moving considerably from the original scheduled air date of June.

The documentary, as promised, gives unprecedented footage and stories from former Jordanian players, teammates and friends as well as unprecedented access to No. 23, which, with regard to press, is famously closely linked. Here are watching “The Last Dance” on TV (censored and uncensored) and how every episode is being streamed live.

‘The Last Dance’ Schedule

  • Sunday, April 19 — Episodes 1 and 2 (Key highlights)
  • Sunday, April 26 — Episodes 3 and 4 (Key highlights)
  • Sunday, May 3 — Episodes 5 and 6 (Key highlights)
  • Sunday, May 10 — Episodes 7 and 8 (Key highlights)
  • Sunday, May 17, 9 p.m. ET — Episodes 9 and 10

* After the last week’s episodes, further exhibits will take place at 7 p.m. Sunday ET. ET. The recent episodes are available on request for viewers outside the USA on the ESPN app, and on Netflix.

TV and Live Stream

  • TV: ESPN (censored version will air simultaneously on ESPN2)
  • Live stream (U.S.): WatchESPN, ESPN app
  • Live stream (International): Netflix (episodes made available five hours after broadcast time)

Uncensored version

The ESPN documentary uses “heavy adult language,” while the ESPN2 will also be used for the alternative edited version. The ESPN statement on the subject is as follows:

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