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The richest competitions in African football – Goalpedia

In Africa, top teams, including national parties, take part in various club and international competitions, but what is the prize money in some of them?

From Kenya to Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and even South Africa, to name a few, soccer teams, including national teams, have always returned home to win trophies.

In Africa, from local leagues to continental level, top teams compete to win trophies in tournaments, but you may have wondered about the prize money of the various competitions in which teams participate.

Here Purpose gives a list of the most valuable competitions in Africa.

What is prize money for Caf Champions League?

With a total purse of US $ 12.25 million, the new Champions League has become the richest club competition in Africa.

The winner of the winning competition puts US $ 2.5 million in the runners-up of US $ 1.25 million, semi-finalists US $ 875,000, quarterfinals, US $ 650,000, third in the group stage US $ 550,000, while the fourth in the group phase takes US $ 550,000 home.

The Champions League is an annual continental club competition hosted by Caf where top clubs from Africa’s soccer leagues are invited to take part in this competition.

Caf Champions League Trophy

Due to sponsorship speeches, the official name is Total Caf Champions League, with Total Champions League also in use.

The winner of the tournament deserves a place to sleep for the Fifa Club World Cup, a tournament that is contested between the champion clubs of all six continental confederations, and also faces the winner of the Confederation Cup in next season’s Caf Super Cup .

Egyptian giants Al Ahly are the most successful club in the history of the competition and have won the tournament nine times so far.

What about the Confederation Cup?

Like the Champions League, Caf has also increased the prize money to be shared between the top 16 clubs, from 2017 to 2020 in the Confederation Cup.

In the new structure, the winner will receive $ 1.25 million, the runner-up $ 625,000, the semi-finalist $ 450,000 and the quarterfinals $ 350,000.

The tournament, launched in 2004, brings together clubs that qualify based on their performances in their national leagues and cup competitions.

This is the second-tier competition of African club football, which is under the Champions League.

RS Berkane Group.

The domestic cup winners of all 55 Caf member associations may be eligible to participate, while the third club in the local league of the top 12 Caf member associations also qualifies.

How much does the Africa Cup winner drop?

The tournament, which has been expanded from 16 to 24 teams, includes the prize of US $ 4.5 million, the runner-up, US $ 2.5 million, the semi-finalist US $ 2 million and the quarterfinals US $ 1 million.

Egypt is the most successful country in the history of the Cup and has won the tournament a record seven times (including when Egypt became known as the United Arab Republic between 1958 and 1961).

In 2013, the tournament format was switched to be held in odd years so as not to clash with the Fifa World Cup.

What about Caf Super Cup?

The winner of the Super Cup in 2020 received a maximum prize money of up to $ 200,000, while the winner in 2018 received prize money of up to $ 100,000 which was later doubled for the 2019 season.

In 2019, Raja Casablanca (US $ 200,000) earns while the team that lost the Super Cup in the 2020 final received ($ 150,000). In the 2018 and 2017 competitions, the runners-up of the tournament pocketed $ 75,000.

Caf Super Cup 2019

The competition was previously contested between the winners of the Champions League (called African Cup of Champions Clubs from 1964 to 1996) and the African Cup Winners ‘Cup until 2004 when the Cup Winners’ Cup was discontinued.

The last Super Cup in this format was the 2004 Super Cup between Enyimba and Etoile du Sahel, which Enyimba won 1-0.

Meanwhile, the biennial African Nations home biennial championship is also worth $ 1.25 million.

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