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‘The USWNT should not lose’ – Hope Solo watches the 2020 Olympics and reflects on controversy in Rio 2016

The American national team legend for women spoke on Goal’s new podcast, All Of US: The US Women’s Soccer Show

American women’s team legend Hope Solo believes there are no weak points in Vlatko Andonovski’s team participating in the Olympics, which means there should be no reason to lose in Japan.

Solo joined Purpose ‘s new podcast, All Of US: The US Women’s Soccer Show, to anticipate the upcoming tournament, which kicks off on Wednesday, July 21st.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and World Cup winner also reflected on the controversy that took place five years ago when Sweden eliminated the USA at the 2016 Games and Solo was suspended by US Soccer for comments made in its aftermath.

“I do not see a single weakness in the USWNT”

“You look at the players, spectacular players across the board, I do not see a single weakness on this side,” said Solo. Purpose. “They should not lose. They should absolutely not lose because of the talent on the field.

“The coach – everyone I know, everyone I spoke to, players and coaches, has a lot of respect for Vlatko, but I think it is very important to keep in mind that this is his first international tournament.

‘What I have seen in my experience is that it is not always about the coach. The coach, the manager, can bring the details, they can help teams to win absolutely. But I have also seen teams win without the organizational skills of certain managers, so I am very curious to see how Vlatko will fare in his first international tournament.

“I heard and I saw a little bit of nerves, a lack of organization going to Japan, and I saw it with every coach I played for before every major tournament. We have to remember, managers and coaches, they also get nervous and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means they care too. ”

‘We were ill-prepared for Rio 2016’

The first opponent for the USA this summer is Sweden, who beat them in the quarterfinals five years ago. In the aftermath of the defeat, Solo called her opposition ‘a bunch of cowards’, referring to their defense plan.

Commenting on this comment today, Solo said: ‘I’m not going to apologize for being a bad sport. I was seated. I got hurt. We are there to give everything.

“Our team was poorly prepared. We did not show up to play good football – and Sweden, I wanted to play one – on – one against one of the best forwards in the world, Lotta Schelin. Seeing her fall back into her 18-yard box was difficult, because when you play for your country at the Olympics, it’s about leaving everything at stake.

‘You play with your heart and with passion and to see them fall back defensively is my feeling, and I end up calling them cowards. But everything was forgiven, we moved on and I have good relations with the Swedish national team and my friends in Sweden.

Asked if she would do things differently than she could, Solo added: ‘I think you see male athletes around the world being angry when they lose and comment. I think I definitely took a lot of heat, unnecessary heat, for that.

‘I apologized to the people [to]. The media, they ran with it. But no, I can look at myself in the mirror. I at least cared to lose. I had a lot of teammates going to party in Rio and not really caring that we lost the game. ”

The team from Sweden, which will face Andonovski’s team on Wednesday, caused them a real shock in April, they almost defeated, but for a late, controversial penalty that secured the U.S. a 1-1 draw.

“They have everything in their suitcase,” Solo said, asking what makes them such a challenge. “It’s great on solid pieces. They have strong goalkeepers. I do not know what it is. It’s almost as if they ended up in our heads and gained their confidence to win once.

‘No respect for them, they are an excellent team with a lot of talent, but I do not have the answer why they still make it difficult for the United States, because as I said earlier, player for player, the United States belongs to win every game. ”

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