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‘There’s a different kind of battle in the team’ – Pulisic ‘very confident’ as USMNT prepares for World Cup qualification

The Chelsea star says that he has recently made the team grow a lot while they are preparing for their biggest test yet

The American man’s national team player, Christian Pulisic, says that the whole group is ‘very confident’ for qualifying for the World Cup after seeing two different teams complete a double trophy this summer.

Pulisic scored the winning goal in the exciting final of the Nations League against Mexico, while a completely different American group won the Gold Cup this summer by taking Mexico back to the finish line.

These two victories gave the USA its setback when it was the most important match of all: World Cup qualifiers.

‘There is a different kind of struggle’

The USA starts next month with the World Cup qualifiers with three matches against El Salvador, Canada and Honduras in the first World Cup qualifier for many of the team’s stars.

However, this will not be the first taste for Pulisic, who says he has experienced changes in the young American team over the past few months.

“I would say we have a lot of confidence just from recent games and different tournaments we have played in,” Pulisic said. Complex. “And just how much this team has grown. I think we should definitely be confident to go in, but we know we have to go in there and do a job. But I mean, I feel the way we do now. “I am very confident.”

In the aftermath of the failure of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, many have complained about the alleged battle in the USMNT because it missed a trip to Russia.

The battle has been the hallmark of the USMNT for years, with the group often taking down more talented teams with a combination of eager tactics and sheer willpower.

And Pulisic says the idea now combines renewed spiritual strength with the increased talent of the team’s young Europeans to create a group that can do something special.

“I think there’s just another kind of fight in the team you see,” he said. ‘I mean the last two competitions we’ve seen, even if we look at this golden cup, the team just has … Yes, there’s always the feeling that we’ll come up with the result. We are going to fight until the Finally we find the result finally. And I think that’s the difference, and there’s just so much passion and growth in the team.

‘I mean, I think when I grew up going to the USA that was so special in the World Cups when I was very young, I just always had the feeling, like I said before, that they were in a way with a result would get away. they had that struggle for them. They had that American spirit. That little thing, that fight in them. So I think this is something that, yes, hopefully we are starting to see. And I think we see it from late. “

“I went crazy at four in the morning!”

Pulisic also revealed his reaction to the Gold Cup triumph and says he watched the entire match despite the time difference.

The USMNT was able to overtake Mexico on a 117th-minute finish by Miles Robinson in a game that went deep into the night in Las Vegas, but that did not stop Pulisic from stopping his teammates’ victory not to mention.

“Honestly, it was just amazing,” he said. “I mean how far this team has come. We had different groups for the Nations League, for the Gold Cup, and no one returned from the challenge. And I just see a fight in this group that it makes me so proud. and very excited about what is to come.

“I went absolutely crazy at four in the morning. I jumped out of bed. I was so excited. I mean, yeah, I mean, you can just feel it coming, and then it happened. And it was amazing to watch. . “

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