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‘There’s no doubt in USMNT’ – Pulisic ‘confident’ en route to Honduras despite poor start to World Cup qualifiers

The American star expects the team to rise after a difficult start to the cycle

Christian Pulisic says there is no doubt in the American men’s team, despite a difficult start to the World Cup qualifiers, as well as from the field.

The US earned just two points from two games to start the cycle, while the team leader Weston McKennie was sent home after violating team policy before Sunday’s draw with Canada.

And while an essential match in Honduras is underway, Pulisic says the team feels no external pressure because they know it’s their job to win.

What was said?

“There’s no doubt in this team. We’re a confident bunch of guys,” Pulisic said. “We know we are a good enough team to catch up with three points tomorrow.

“We’re going in to win the game. And we’ll have to fight. Nothing’s going to be easy, we know it because that’s how these games are, but we have no excuses and we’re going to try and win the game tomorrow. wen. “

Fix the attack

After both the El Salvador and Canada matches, U.S. coach Gregg Berhalter conceded that the attack by the USMNT did not meet the standard, saying the team was too slow and individualistic.

Pulisic reiterates this view after the second game, with the Chelsea star saying the USMNT needs new ideas.

Pulisic expects these new ideas to show themselves on Wednesday, though he says the team’s success will largely lead to his potential.

“We have good attacking players,” Pulisic said. ‘This is not something we need to worry about or investigate too much.

“There are clearly some things we can do. We watch video and there are certain adjustments we will try to make to make it flow a little better, but in the end we know how to play.

“It’s our job to go out there and create opportunities and score goals.”

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