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They have shown other countries how to play this format

Senior In the cricketer Dinesh Karthik feels England is in a perfect position to win the T20 World Cup, this year in the UAE. While announcing the tournament schedule, the wicketkeeper on Tuesday chose the place of Eoin Morgan as his favorite for this year’s ICC event.

England have put their focus on white ball cricket for the past five years — so much so that their Test team has suffered for it. They did win the 2019 World Cup and are the top-ranked ICC T20 team. Their next goal is to be the first team to hold the ODI and T20 trophies simultaneously.

Dinesh Karthik, now also a beloved commentator, was exuberant in his praise for the ‘cricket brand’ playing Eoin Morgan’s side. He feels they are the typical T20 team, led by a strong captain.

England. [Image-Getty]

“If you remove my prejudice against India, because that is where I come from and ask me for something else, I will put England at the top of the field,” Dinesh Karthik said during an ICC video.

‘The cricket brand they played. They have consistently shown other countries how to play this format with the first ball. They showed it through 50 overs, but more so in T20s. But also a well-oiled team can do with a solid captain Morgan, ‘he added.

England, along with Australia, South Africa, West India and two other qualifying teams, are in Group 1 in the Super 12 stage.

Dinesh Karthik names the three players to look out for in the T20 World Cup

The 36-year-old Kolkata Knight Riders player named Nicholas Pooran, Hardik Pandya and Mitchell Starc as the three cricketers to watch in the tournament. He further used the three players’ white ball skills.

“To me, Nicholas Pooran is someone who is special. There is something called bat swing, and he has probably the best bat swing cricket. He can hit a cricket ball further than most have ever done. He is a very, very important player if West India wants to progress in the tournament, ‘said Dinesh Karthik.

Nicholas Pooran
Nicholas Pooran (Image Credit: Twitter)

‘For India, it [character] is Hardik Pandya for me. He’s there with the ball, he’s there with the bat, and he plays a critical role with the bat, because every time India have cursed a bit or wanted to increase their pace, he’s the guy. He can hit most bowlers to most parts of the ground … one of the reasons I really enjoy him. Even [with] his bowling, he is very smart. ”

‘Mitchell Starc, if he’s good for Australia. He would bowl the important innings for Australia before death. He did not go too well, too late. But in the last series against West India, especially in the ODI format, he regained his rhythm, “he concluded.

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