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Tim Paine calls for consistency regarding the too high rates for the World Test Championship

Australian Test captain Tim Paine laments the contradiction surrounding the deduction of points for the excess offense in the World Test Championship. In the first edition of the World Test Championship, Australia narrowly missed in the final round. Tim Paine stressed that not many countries would violate such a blow due to violations of too many tariffs.

Tim Paine’s men suffered a four-point defeat in their eight-wicket defeat to Melbourne when they missed two overs of the required 15 overs per hour. This meant that Australia’s score was 69.2% behind New Zealand, which had 70% in their cat. India, with 72%, faced New Zealand in the tournament-deciding at the Rose Bowl Southampton, where the Kiwi emerged victorious.

Australia Cricket Team (Image Credit: Getty)

Tim Paine, who supported India to win the final, revealed that he did not watch the match too much and sent his television away after the first day washed out due to persistent rain. The Tasmanian container batsman felt disappointed because Australia could not make it.

‘I watched the last day. I turned it on excitedly to watch the first day, well, I thought I was excited and then got a little dirty and did not want to watch it, so I shook it off. Of course, it also rained for the first day. I’m bitterly disappointed because we were not there due to too high a rate. We always have things in place to try and help it, but unfortunately it does not always work, ” Paine said as quoted by India Today.

Unfortunately, we were the team that I think carries an excessive rate: Tim Paine

[Pat Cummins, Tim Paine
Tim Paine [Image Credit: Getty]

Tim Paine further said that despite teams not bowling their full quotas in Tests over the past two years, Australia have borne the brunt of it. The container-batsman emphasized that not many parties have lost points and that consistency wants to move forward. Paine stressed that it is a bitter pill to swallow, as Australia were the only team to serve a penalty for the offense.

Unfortunately, we were the team that I think carries too high a rate. I think there has been a lot of Test match cricket over the last two years where teams have not bowled their overs. I’m not sure how many teams lost points from it, but I think there needs to be a little more consistency around as the price is so big and a few overs could cost you four points. Look we were behind on our overs, and that’s what it’s. My thing is just with consistency. “It’s a bitter pill to swallow if you’re the only team that has scored points, and you see it happen test match after test match after test match,” he added.

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