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Titleist opens new performance center at Woburn – Golf News

Titleist has opened a new performance center at the Woburn Golf Club in Bedfordshire that will serve in its new home of Tour Player support in Europe, providing a modern fit experience for all golfers.

The new Performance Center, which includes the same analytics equipment and tea-to-green performance evaluation available to the world’s best golfers, will give golfers the best tour experience to find the best Titleist equipment for their game.

The Woburn Performance Center boasts two matching parking spaces and a 370-yard range of short-range equipment

Since the groundbreaking in October 2019, Titleist has been working with the Woburn team to shape the 10-acre site into the ultimate construction facility consisting of 2,000 square feet of construction area and a 370-yard yard with a large S-shaped green around several offers shots and pin placements. This is accompanied by a new two-bay performance center building for a product, a bespoke club building workshop and a boardroom.

Michael Creighton, title judge’s commercial director in the UK, said: ‘The launch of the Titleist Performance Center in Woburn is extremely exciting and underscores our commitment to providing the best experience for dedicated golfers of all levels. Our highly skilled experts are trained by some of the best in the game, and their expertise, coupled with the incredible technology and variety of shots that can hit players on the spot, will ensure that any golfer will leave the Performance Center in Woburn after he had the best. appropriate experience available in Europe. ”

A number of Titleist Tour Professionals have visited the Woburn facility before, including former Masters Champion Adam Scott, who said: ‘What Titleist has done here is incredible. Having a facility like this available for Tour pros is an incredible asset for all of us and there is no doubt that I will bring back every chance I get. The fact that all golfers can visit it as well is an incredible opportunity, and I would encourage everyone to get the chance to fit in here. You will not regret it.”

Custom accessories at the Titleist Performance Center in Woburn start from July 29th. Reservations are by appointment only and can now be made via the Titleist website at: www.titleist.co.uk/golf-club-fitting/performance-centre.

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