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Too much cricket – Salman Butt Reckons India must start turning players around to avoid debacle such as Adelaide and Headingley

Salman Butt thinks so In the should consider the rest and rotation of players in light of their hectic schedule. This opinion of the former Pakistan captain comes after Virat Kohli’s team was bowled out for 78 in the Headingley Test; India suffered a worse malfunction last year in Adelaide, where they succumbed to their lowest total of 36 overs against Australia.

English pacers went through India’s batting order and scored all ten wickets in 40.4 overs; the batsmen scored 21.2 overs in the Adelaide debacle.

Salman Butt said such shambolic performances take place because the players have been physically and mentally burnt out by “too much cricket”.

James Anderson after picking up Virat Kohli’s wicket. (Image: Twitter)

In his YouTube video, Salman Butt said: ‘There is no doubt that Team India is a top team. They have proven themselves all over the world. But if I had to analyze their performances under 36, like everyone else in Adelaide and 78 here at Headingley, I would put it off too much cricket. ”

‘Team India play a lot of cricket and their schedule is completely packed. If you play too much cricket, no matter how good or professional you are as a person, the mind sometimes does not respond. If your focus level drops, your output will drop. I feel Team India need to start turning their players around. ”

They need to rotate two three players and have the arsenal: Salman Butt

While one contingent from the Indian team was traveling to England for the WTC final and the Test series, another team traveled to Sri Lanka for white ball matches. Five days after the English series, the players will appear in the UAE in the second half of the IPL.

Last year, the players also flew directly to Australia after completing the IPL 2020 in the UAE.

Salman Butt added that since India have solid banking strength – Ravichandran Ashwin was left out for three Tests in England – they should seriously decide to rest and turn their players around.

Virat Kohli and Ravichandran Ashwin.  Credits: BCCI
Virat Kohli and Ravichandran Ashwin. Credits: BCCI

‘You can imagine how many matches Team India cricketers play. Remember that they recently had to send a second team to Sri Lanka due to too much involvement. There is no doubt about the quality and skills of the players of Team India. But I feel too much cricket has fallen to them. They need to rotate two three players and have the arsenal. Ravichandran Ashwin and Shardul Thakur may enter. They can also play another batsman, ‘said the 36-year-old.

Meanwhile, after gathering India for 78, English openers Rory Burns and Haseeb Hameed are helping them to the lead with both by the end of the first day.

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