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Topgolf Entertainment Group announces strategic long-term partnership with St Andrews Links – Golf News

Topgolf Entertainment Group (TEG), a global sports and entertainment leader enabling technology, today unveiled details of a ten-year partnership with St Andrews Links. Through this strategic partnership, TEG becomes the exclusive golf entertainment partner for the “Home of Golf”, as well as Toptracer as the official range of technology from St Andrews Links.

The world-famous St Andrews Links is a landmark for global golf travel, with numerous avid golfers descending on the site each year. Together, TEG and St Andrews Links will work together on unique initiatives and activations designed to provide golfers everywhere with even more ways to experience St Andrews Links through the respective brands TEG, Topgolf, World Golf Tour (WGT) online gaming and Toptracer technology . The partnership offers players of all ages and skill levels – from around the world – access to one of the most valued places in golf through virtual games, global tournaments and more.

“We are ecstatic to have a partnership with St Andrews Links to create memorable and engaging experiences at the most popular golf course in the world,” said Artgie Starrs, CEO of Topgolf Entertainment Group. “Through our various technology platforms, we can welcome millions of people around the world into the ‘Home of Golf’.”

A key element of the strategic partnership is the installation of Toptracer Range technology on St Andrews Links. The state-of-the-art ball tracking technology offers golfers accurate, live shot data that can be used for practice purposes or to take part in challenges and games with friends. Cameras mounted around the facility track every shot hit to produce a variety of data, including distance, speed, launch angle, shape and more, which are then displayed on a 21-inch monitor in each strike bay. In addition to an on-site technological experience, The Old Course at St Andrews Links is exclusive to Toptracer Range, as the official series of St Andrews technology.

‘This is an extremely exciting partnership for St Andrews Links. We have been working closely with Topgolf and the WGT game for the past few years and were very pleased with the achievement of the Old Course at Toptracer Range properties and in the digital realm with the support of WGT, ”says Danny Campbell, commercial director of St Andrews Links. ‘This is a partnership that we see benefiting from St Andrews Links and the Old Course, not only on the ground, but also around the world through the multitude of platforms that Topgolf Entertainment Group can offer. In essence, we want to make the experiences of St Andrews accessible to golf enthusiasts around the world. ”

For more information on Topgolf Entertainment Group, go to https://topgolfentertainmentgroup.com/

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