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Tottenham’s new son Emerson Royal’s ‘hurt’ by Barcelona after being signed and sold in the same window

The Brazilian full-back took a call option at Camp Nou in June, but then dropped out to Spurs in August

Tottenham’s new son, Emerson Royal, has been asked if he feels “used” by Barcelona after being signed and sold by the Liga giants in the same transfer window.

The Brazilian international full-back took a call option at Camp Nou in June a € 9m (£ 8m / $ 11m) deal signed by Catalan heavyweights permanently from Real Betis.

At the end of August, and with financial problems at Barca to make sales necessaryAnother agreement was reached when Emerson found him leaves Spain for England in a deal worth £ 26 million ($ 35 million).

What was said?

Emerson played three games for Barcelona and admitted that the throughput through the exits was a surprise, a great story Mark: “I thought the club wanted me to stay. I played as a starter on Sunday, the day after I woke up and I went to practice relaxed.

“I started to see a lot of things happening there, that Tottenham talked to Barcelona, ​​that they almost did it.

“I did not understand what was happening because I did not know anything.

“By noon, the club called me because they wanted to talk to me, and there they told me they wanted to sell.”

Emerson Royal Barcelona 2021-22

He added: ‘I met the directors of the club. They started telling me that the situation of the club was not good, that I had come at a complicated time and that it was therefore better to sell.

“I have my intention to keep repeating because I had a dream to play here and contribute to Barcelona. I know I would triumph in my best form here.

‘I’m smart and I realized at that moment, no matter what I said, they kicked me out with kind words.

“I have the ambition to play.

“I do not want to stay at a club I love, but I was sad. I knew they thought I was not staying without saying it.

“Then I decided to go. I said I did not want to stay and be sad. ‘

Did Royal feel Barca were using this?

Emerson further said whether he believes Barca have always intended to keep him going, despite handing him competitive minutes at the start of the 2021-22 campaign: ‘Use is not the word, but it hurt me in the way it happened.

“They could have acted differently. There were better ways to fix things.

“When I got there, I was sure Barcelona did not want to sell me, but when I saw what had happened, I was clear that at the time of signing me I already had the idea to sell me.”

Emerson is now ready to start another new chapter in his career at Spurs, with an ambitious Premier League team starting the 2021-22 season with three consecutive victories coming on September 11 after a derby match against the London rivals Crystal will return to domestic action. Palace.

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