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TPC Louisiana in New Orleans | Book on GolfNow

Famous golf courses that you can book at GolfNow: TPC Louisiana in New Orleans

New Orleans has been a professional golf tournament host for many years since 1938 – leading up to the PGA Tour! This is with good reason. N’awlins is one of the country’s most festive cities. In the meantime, you can enjoy delicious cajun cuisine and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the French Quarter. If you book an early morning start time at TPC Louisiana in New Orleans, it can give you the motivation to go comfortable with the leopards in Bourbon Street the night before.

What makes New Orleans even better for golf is that TPC Louisiana, now the host of the PGA Tour’s Zurich Classic, is publicly accessible and bookable on GolfNow. The track was designed by Pete Dye with local player consultant Kelly Gibson and opened in 2004. It also received an extensive facelift in 2019, making it play as well as ever before, and the many five-star GolfPass reviews reflect that.

The track is located about 20 minutes outside the French Quarter and is located in a quiet and scenic area. It is at such a low altitude that the bunkers have a cool, built-up appearance. The PGA Tour plays the route up to 7,400 meters, but my goodness, plays one of the four forwards who can stand up to 5,100 meters. Remember, balls do not fly too far on the sticky bay.

TPC Louisiana

Perhaps the best thing about TPC Louisiana is all the risk reward elements involved in the course design, including some short par 4s like the 8th. Large swingers can be used for the green, but there are many bunkers in the way. The 18th hole is one of the most exciting finals at the PGA Tour. Who doesn’t love an achievable par 5 to finish a round? But be warned: water leads to the right and bunkers scatter the highway and the green environment. These days, the Zurich Classic is now a unique team event at the PGA Tour. Discuss a quartet, come along and play aggressively! No mention of TPC Louisiana is complete, without mentioning the pro-emeritus of the club, Tripod, the three-legged gator who would like to sail the various dams on the site, especially through the 9th and 18th holes. Please respect his house and keep your distance when you see him or his neighbors.

TPC Louisiana topped the state’s Golfers’ Choice list five years in a row and was 18th in 2018 in Off-Course facilities at the national level. Or as the reviewer ‘TheWhizz77’ put it in his five-star review written in March 2020: ‘Really beautiful track, demands all shots, fantastic playing pace and conditions. Look out for the 4th hole !! Show up early and stay up late when booking a TPC Louisiana turnaround time. The training facility is excellent of TPC quality with a short game area and a lawn. The clubhouse restaurant also has fine cajun staples.

TPC Louisiana

Also, do not sleep on the previous PGA Tour in New Orleans. English rotating golf and outdoor club is a semi-private Jack Nicklaus design that opened in the mid-1980s and hosted the event from 1989 to 2004. Jack has a unique trail surrounded by a lagoon that helps more separation from the job and residences. The climax is the par-5 15th hole that has an island green. Smoke a great ride, and you will be tempted to break and reach it in two. English turning facilities are fantastic, including one of the largest clubhouses you will ever see. Stay behind for a Po’Boy in the restaurant.

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