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Trinidad and Tobago lodge official CONCACAF complaint over alleged racism following Mexico

The team said offensive messages over the weekend ‘targeted at our players, staff, supporters and country’

Trinidad and Tobago have lodged an official complaint with CONCACAF after allegedly receiving racist and threatening messages following a 0-0 draw with Mexico in their Gold Cup start on Saturday.

The federation said in a statement that, in addition to team members, some of their supporters were at the end of offensive comments.

Fans of Mexico are already being thoroughly investigated for the continued use of a homophobe-singing song during matches, with the issue leading to FIFA official sanctions earlier this summer and a break during the game in Trinidad and Tobago.

What was said?

“The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association condemns the discriminatory actions, racist remarks and threatening messages directed at our players, staff, supporters and country following the Senior Men’s 0-0 result against Mexico on July 10, 2021,” wrote the team in a statement on Instagram. “Discrimination and racism have no role in our game and our society.

‘Official reports have been submitted to CONCACAF and we are working with them to ensure the safety and well-being of the team.

“These actions are rooted in divisions, so it is vital that we unite to eradicate them.

“The fight back is against racism and discrimination.”

How did CONCACAF react?

The governing body has again called for the use of homophobic singing by Mexican fans, but the allegations of racism or threatening messages were not specifically mentioned in a statement posted on its website Monday night.

“CONCACAF is extremely disappointed with the discriminatory language that some Mexico fans chanted during their Gold Cup match against Trinidad and Tobago at the AT&T Stadium on Saturday, July 10,” the statement. “The ‘target song’ has been heard despite a significant anti-discrimination campaign by Concacaf that has been delivered over the past few weeks and extensive efforts by the FMF to make it clear that this is unacceptable.

“Discriminatory chatter was also heard during a friendly match in Mexico at the same venue in May. The fans who engage in this behavior let down the many Mexico fans who want to support their team positively. They also hurt Dallas’ great reputation. as a football city, especially after recent friendly matches in Mexico in Atlanta, Nashville and Los Angeles without any discriminatory chanting.

“CONCACAF is aware of a misunderstanding regarding the upcoming match between Mexico and Guatemala, which we want to clear up. Despite some reports to the contrary, this match will continue as scheduled with fans present. CONCACAF will continue its What’s Wrong is Wrong to campaign against discrimination and if necessary, protocols will be activated which expel fans if they act discriminatory and suspend the match.

“We call on fans to make the discriminating goalkeeper sing in the past and focus on making football a positive and welcoming environment for all fans and communities.”

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