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Tusker will face Fifa’s anger and pay dearly for tapping Kibwana – chairman of Kakamega Homeboyz, Shimanyula

The Kakamega chair claims the 28-year-old did not receive a release letter as he had an active contract with them

The chairman of Kakamega Homeboyz, Cleophas Shimanyula, claimed that the Premier League champions of the Football Kenya Federation had used their player Shami Kibwana.

On Tuesday, Kibwana have signed with the Brewers to become their newest player, but his move has sparked controversy following allegations by his former club.

Shimanyula has threatened to report the club to Fifa in Ruaraka because he allegedly grabbed the midfielder on a current contract with Homeboyz.

The midfielder is one of the players who traveled on Sunday for a Caf Champions League match against Arta Solar 7.

The accusation that the player is eavesdropping

“They stole my player and took him to Djibouti. He is a player I have been looking for all along, only to hear that Tusker has him,” Shimanyula said. Purpose.

“Shami [Kibwana] has a current contract and was never given a release letter from us. I contacted Obiny Tusker’s CEO [Charles Obiny] and he begged me to let them finish the Champions League match first. I categorically told him that if they made the mistake of playing him, they would see the fire from us.

“It’s better that they fill the position with another player, not Kibwana. Tusker should not look down on Kakamega Homeboyz because we are a small team. I am writing a letter to Obiny and sending it to Football Kenya Federation on the matter.

Tusker draws Shami Mwinyi Kibwana from Kakamega Homeboyz.

“I’m shocked that most Kenyans do not know the laws of football, especially not transfers. How can a team move to take a player with a running contract to play in Djibouti?

“This is a player we just waited on the training ground to hear that he is tied to Djibouti. Tusker needs to stop the habit of picking up players. [every window], they did it against Vihiga United and they did it now against us [Homeboyz], and we will not let it pass until justice prevails.

They always want to use shortcuts to sign players, we will follow the law and report to Fifa, and I want to warn them against using the player [Kibwana] in Djibouti, if they do, they will have more problems.

‘I use my money, not like those who are addicted to alcohol [Tusker are sponsored by East African Breweries Limited]. It’s like they have easy money, I do not get my money easily compared to them. I’ll show them what they’ve never seen before.

‘It’s very wrong to tap on the player. I was just looking for my player to continue reading Goal.com he left for Djibouti. I’m shocked that one can tap on a player and travel with him, a star who still has a running contract until the end of this year.

“If Kibwana’s contract was within two months or three months of expiration, they would have negotiated with him.”

Other players signed by Tusker include: Brian Bwire, Dan Sakari, Teddy Osok, goalkeeper Patrick Matasi, Charles Momanyi, Kalos Kirenge and Joshua Ibrahim.

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