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Twitter breaks out as Joe Root hits India in 3 Tests for the third consecutive century

England Captain Joe Root is unstoppable. Nevertheless, the battle of his team, the year 2021 was absolutely delightful for the man from Yorkshire with the bat, bringing his sixth century of the year and third in three consecutive Tests on Day 2 at his home ground in Headingley against In the.

After carrying the side of his side on his shoulders, the top three three times gave a good rest time in the locker room, while reaching the score of 159/2 in the 63rd over.

Joe Root, in the impressive form he was, would not spare the Indian bowlers again – especially with the morale of the bowlers and a flatter surface. The right-hander will soon begin his innings with some limits for alternative deliveries in a single innings from Mohammed Shami before lunch.

Joe Root (Photo: Twitter)

Root then, along with his fellow Yorkshire partner David Malan, batted during the second session while the left hand climbed out on the last ball in front of tea. He adopted the only spinner from India, Ravindra Jadeja, with cuts and sweeps, which was the highlight of his tour to Asia earlier this year.

He chased away to his fifty in 57 balls, before tackling the Indian pacers. Joe Root became an elite batsman at the pace in English conditions by playing late and under his eyes – the same master class was seen all day.

The 30-year-old man stroked the bowlers in all corners of the ground, with his forefoot and hindfoot, occasionally cutting it behind the square on the hindfoot. He even scored the boundaries with controlled pull shots through India’s short ball trick.

Finally, Joe Root raised his century in the 104th over with 124 balls in the 104th over in 124 balls. He raised his arms, made a roar, jumped into the air while waving his legs, before embracing Jonny Bairstow, another Yorkshire man, drowning to the applause of the crowd.

India, England, Joe Root
Joe Root. [Image-Twitter]

With this century, Joe Root is now equal to Kevin Pietersen for the second Test century for an English batsman-23; Alastair Cook has 10 more.

Twitter has once again erupted in jubilation over Joe Root’s sublime century:

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