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Twitter responds as persistent rain on day 5 leads to a flush

The fifth and last day of the first test between England and In the was beautifully set up with the visitors needing another 157 runs to take a 1-0 lead in the five-match series, and England needing nine more wickets.

However, it was an anti-climax of the highest order, with sustained rain playing a pampering in Nottingham, leading to the match finally being played.

After a bright and sunny fourth day, where there were no interruptions by the rain gods, the bad weather made his presence felt in full force again when Nottingham woke up from heavy rain.

Day 05 left due to rain [Image-Twitter]

The English weather department predicted continuous rain until about 16:00 British time, and they were on target, while the first two sessions washed out due to rain.

Early tea was taken and according to the latest updates, rain reappeared after stopping in Nottingham for a while. And that was one last nail in the coffin as the officials decided to abandon the last day of the Test match, which ended in a draw.

India, Michael Vaughan
Trent Bridge, Nottingham. (Photo: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the fans, as is always the case when rain gods eliminated their presence during a cricket match in England, missed out on an exciting day of Test match cricket.

As the match ended in a draw, both teams each earned 4 ICC WTC points and will close horns in the second Test at Lord’s from 12 August.

Here’s how Twitter reacted after the first Test between England and India ended in a draw:

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