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US Soccer calls on USWNT and USMNT to negotiate together to resolve prize money differences

The federation hopes that the two teams can agree to split FIFA’s prize money equally from the World Cup

US Soccer has urged the US men’s and women’s teams to jointly negotiate a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in an effort to pay the female players more fairly.

The USMNT supports USWNT in their ongoing wage discrimination lawsuit this summer, and the federation has now invited the men’s team to work with the women’s team to find a solution.

One of the biggest obstacles to equal pay is prize money from World Cups, which FIFA controls and is currently very skewed towards the men. US Soccer calls on the USWNT and USMNT to agree to distribute the World Cup funds evenly.

What was said?

In a open letter“We need our men’s and women’s national teams to come together and reconsider how we have done things in the past,” said US Football President Cindy Parlow Cone.

“To this end, we have invited the players and both players’ associations to negotiate a solution with US Soccer to equalize the prize money between the USMNT and USWNT.

‘Finding a framework that works for everyone requires open and thoughtful discussions and sincere commitment from USMNT and USWNT players to come together.

“Until FIFA equalizes the prize money it awards to the participants in the World Cup for men and women, we must find a solution together.”

Commenting on the ongoing USWNT lawsuit, Parlow Cone added: “Resolving ongoing disputes with the USWNT remains one of our top priorities. I was honest in my opinion that American football prefers to take this matter out of court. loose.

“We are still committed to settling this matter, and would like to agree to settle this matter so that we can determine a more positive and joint path forward.”

What was the reaction of the USWNT?

USWNT spokeswoman Molly Levinson said on Twitter“USSF has finally recognized that women pay less than men and must redress this ongoing inequality by reaching a collective bargaining agreement with equal pay and resolving the ongoing lawsuit. Letters to supporters are not a substitute.”

What is the status of the CBAs?

Parlow Cone said American football had “regular and productive talks with the USWNT Players Association” about the team’s current CBA, which expires in late 2021.

The USMNT meanwhile is playing under the terms of their old CBA, which expired at the end of 2018 and has yet to be renegotiated.

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