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USWNT coach Andonovski has hinted that the IOC will expand the roster size for the Tokyo Olympics

The squad for the tournament in Japan could be expanded from 18 players to 22, which will be a boost for the United States

The head coach of the American Women’s Team (USWNT), Vlatko Andonovski, pointed out that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will approve extensive rankings for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Men’s and women’s soccer teams have 18 players with four substitutes for the tournament, which begins in July.

According to reports, the four substitutes could be allowed to become part of the full rankings, which can select 22 players from each team.

What was said?

“We have indicated to the IOC that we will have some flexibility,” Andonovski told reporters on Wednesday. “We are very happy about it and we are waiting at the moment just to see more details on what all the rules and regulations will look like.

‘I have to say beforehand that there were things in it [the] work and of course we thought about it. We have prepared for it in some way if it should happen, so we will be ready when the changes are in place.

“We did receive a notification that there would be some flexibility, but we are not sure what it will look like until it is official.”

What would this mean for the USWNT?

Andonovski admitted he was happy with the proposed changes, which would be a lift for a team that has injury questions among its 18 players.

Julie Ertz and Tobin Heath were both named in the list, despite being sidelined with injuries. Heath has not played since January due to ankle and knee problems.

If substitutes Catarina Macario and Lynn Williams are in the full rankings, Andonovski will provide valuable depth in midfield and up front, while goalkeeper Jane Campbell and fullback Casey Krueger will also be added to the squad as all four substitutes after the full team is moved. .

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