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Virat Kohli has a good swear word, and his way is to be very abusive

Former England batsman Nick Compton made even more comments when he named Virat Kohli as the ‘most mean person’ In the captain’s dramatic gestures during the Lord’s test. He also said that Kohli insulted him too much in his debut series in India in 2012.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Nick Compton said Kohli’s verbal manners were ‘quite exaggerated’. He compared how someone like James Anderson, who was involved in a war or with Kohli at Lord’s, would handle the opposition compared to the ‘very insulting’ Indian captain.

The former opener has an aversion to the way Kohli carries himself on the field, especially with his swearing.

Virat Kohli roars as India celebrates a wicket. (Photo: Twitter)

‘I agree (others do too). (James) Anderson has his sense. It’s not just Kohli, I’m not saying that. But his language is quite exaggerated. Anderson will do things differently. Kohli’s way is to be very abusive. He has a good variety of swear words he uses. “We do not want to throw stones at this player and that player, otherwise we will get into a big argument,” Nick Compton told Sportskeeda.

Virat Kohli must realize that he is an inspiration to other young players: Nick Compton

Nick Compton, who played 16 Tests between n2012 and 2016, argued that Kohli should understand that young players should consider him a role model and act that way.

He reckoned that players can joke and be aggressive without abusing or doing too much as the Indian leader does.

‘Indian players have to give it back (to England). I’m not saying they shouldn’t be aggressive. I think (Ravindra) Jadeja has it in him. I think you get a good mix in the team. There are different ways to be aggressive. Kohli could probably do it in a more intelligent way, without these insulting fights. Sometimes the best way is to say nothing and get a century.

‘A bit of a joke, there’s definitely a place to use it. It just needs to be done the right way. Kohli needs to realize that he is an inspiration to other young players. “I do not think it is necessary,” said the 38-year-old.

Indian cricket team
Indian cricket team (Image credit: Twitter)

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