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Virat Kohli reluctantly takes down the DRS investigation, despite Rishabh pants trying to stop him

Indian captain Virat Kohli was very unhappy with his DRS reviews, especially because he sometimes influenced and resulted in him not being able to say no to some players or bowlers. This was evident in the two Tests against England in the series of five Tests.

Also in the first Test, fast bowler Mohammed Siraj was the culprit when he convinced Kohli to take DRS when Joe Root batted. Siraj managed to hit Root on his pads, and although the referee did not remove him, the Hyderabad patient convinced Kohli to go and do a DRS examination, which led to India losing it has.

Mohammed Siraj gives India their first dismissal [Image-Twitter]

Rishabh Pant tries to stop Virat Kohli from reviewing, but fails

In the second Test at Lord’s, in England’s first innings, Mohammed Siraj was back in action as he managed to get India two early breakthroughs. He had Dom Sibley caught for 11 runs by KL Rahul in the short wicket, then cleared the return of Haseeb Hameed for a duck with the first ball.

Then Siraj steams in and Root has trouble getting the ball moving. In the 21st in turn he hit Root on the pads, and Siraj and others in slips had a great attraction, but the ball came down along the leg.

Rishabh Pant and Virat Kohli.  Photo Twitter
Rishabh Pant and Virat Kohli. Photo Twitter

However, Siraj convinced Kohli for a review, showing that the ball hit outside the stump and the bone stump easily missed and that India lost their first rating. The same scenario is repeated in the 23rd past, but this time it feels much closer. However, Siraj does not point much to Kohli.

While the discussion was going on, Kohli laughingly took the review when the timer was up to get up, despite Rishabh Pant not being convinced, and he tried to stop Kohli from taking the review and looked at the captain in amazement. that he went for the review.

Watch the video here:

The result was as before and the ball was missing the bone stump and India lost their second rating.

India scored 364 in their first innings, KL Rahul 129, Rohit Sharma 83, Virat Kohli 42, Rishabh Pant 37 and Ravindra Jadeja 40.

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