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VVS Laxman recognizes Indian bowlers for being ruthless and patient

Former Indian batsman VVS Laxman greeted the Indian bowlers as they remained patient and relentless in batsman-friendly conditions in the Trent bridge Test against England. India managed to limit England to a lead of 209 after crossing at one stage and the Indian bowlers showed their class in the department.

Joe Root had a difficult century for England, and it was a much better batting effort from the English batsmen in the second innings compared to their first innings. Jasprit Bumrah has so far been India’s choice of bowlers by 9 wickets in the Test, including a fifteen.

VVS Laxman. (Photo: Twitter)

VVS Laxman highlights the challenge for Indian bowlers

VVS Laxman mentioned that the patience and planning of the Indian bowlers was of the highest order, which helped to overcome the difficult bowling challenges in England. He praised the Indian bowlers for staying in the game despite the field being favorable to the batsman and added that left-arm spinner Jadeja did a good job.

“India bowled well. They were patient, e.g.carried out their plans and was also relentless. This is something that is very critical, especially if the conditions do not suit you and are favorable for the batsmen. We have to accept that, today they were in favor of batsmen, but the bowlers imposed the task. Even Jadeja bowled well, “ said Laxman.

Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah Mohammed Shami
Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah (Image Credit: Twitter)

VVS Laxman impressed by Siraj’s fight with Sam Curran

VVS Laxman was very impressed with the fight between Mohammed Siraj and Sam Curran as many words exchanged without ending up in a mess. He added about the intensity of the Indian bowlers that never dropped and the aggressiveness was a pleasure to see from Indian perspective.

‘Bumrah, Shami, Siraj. Siraj bowled very well. He was impressed with his body language and intensity, something that is very good for India. “His struggle with Curran shows not only his skill, but also his aggression.” added Laxman.

Mohammed Siraj, Sam Curran
Mohammed Siraj, Sam Curran. Image Credits: Twitter

India need 157 runs to win the first Test against England by 9 wickets in hand, and it is going to be an exciting last day.

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