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WATCH: 42-year-old Imran Tahir takes the first hat-trick of The Hundred 2021

Former South African spinner Imran Tahir | is known for his exceptional bowling and ability to guess the best batsmen in the game. The leg spinner took a look at his excellent abilities during the 23rd match of The hundred between Birmingham Phoenix and Welsh fire Monday at Edgbaston in Birmingham.

Tahir helped Phoenix defend their total of 184/5 by scoring the first hat-trick of the ongoing tournament. It all happened on the 72nd, 73rd and 74th ball when the right winger took wickets backwards to reach the milestone.

Tahir was first removed Qais Ahmad | for only 1 run with a typical leg-spin outside stump, which necessitated the batter. Ahmad did exactly that and was caught in the middle area. Ahmad was followed by Adam Milnes, who was trapped before.

As expected, Tahir launched a googly David Payne to take his third consecutive wicket to complete the hat-trick. The victim expected it as a paw as he tried to lead the ball in the direction of the lid, but the white leather slammed against the gates to hit the middle stump. No wonder, after completing the performance, the veteran bowler runs across the ground in his traditional celebration style.

Here’s how the trilogy took place:

  • Bal 72: Tahir to Ahmad: Classic leg-twist outside the stump. The batter tried to strike over the top, but struck straight into the middle.
  • Bal 73: Tahir to Milnes: A faster delivery that jumps through the surface and hits Milnes’ front.
  • Bal 74: Tahir to Payne: A googly bumped just outside the stump and entered between the bat and Payne’s path.

Here is the video:

Apart from the hat-trick, Tahir took two more wickets to complete his fifteen. He conceded 25 runs from 19 deliveries, including 10 balls. Ride on the sensational bowling alley of Tahir, Phoenix unites Fire for 91 to win the game by a large margin of 93 runs.

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