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WATCH: Alex Hales is hit on the box twice while meeting Reece Topley in The Hundred

England’s star opening bracket Alex Hales had a great time in the ongoing first season of The hundred. Hales, representing Trent Rockets in the competition, are the leading runners for his team. Overall, the right-handed batsman is in sixth place among the highest scorers of the 100-ball tournament.

With four wins from six games, the Rockets are safely in second place in the points ladder. In their recent match against Oval invincible, the Lewis Gregory team suffered a nine-run defeat.

Hales played a crucial 25-run shot from 15 balls, including three fours and a six, but could not get his team across the finish line. During his stay in the middle, Hales found himself in a funny situation when he was hit in the soft area.

It all happened on the thirteenth ball that passed Reece Topley. The left-seam bowler sees Hales make room and follows the batter by throwing at a good length outside the leg stump. Hales tried to throw the ball over the square leg, but it failed, and the white ladder hit him on the box, leaving the 32-year-old in an awkward position while he heard screams, “Oh, NO!”

The Nottinghamshire cricketer looked sore when he fell just after the hit. Commentators found this a bit funny, but they were also worried about the batter. On the next delivery, Hales again tried to hit the ball in the middle of the wicket, but the inside hit him on the same section and forced him to fall to the ground again.

“Absolute nightmare,” said the commentator on air.

Another English cricketer Liam Livingstone, who was once in a similar situation during BBL 09, wrote on social media that he felt for Alex.

Here is the video:

After the match, Hales himself reacted to the whole incident and explained what exactly happened to him.

‘Appreciate all the worries after last night … Peanuts It’s great to know that my well-being was at the forefront of everyone’s minds and that no one found it funny in the slightest! “Unfortunately, today is the worst case scenario with minimal swelling and maximum pain.” Hales wrote on Twitter.

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