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WATCH: Logan Paul gets physical during WWE WrestleMania 37 after Kevin Owens-Sami Zayn match


Celebrities are just as traditional at WrestleMania as title contests. On this WrestleMania 37 Sunday, YouTuber, actor and boxer Logan Paul added his name to the list of famous cameos as he was the special guest of Sami Zayn for his match against Kevin Owens.

In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 37, Zayn seemed to be friends with Paul, who was willing to listen to the WWE conspiracy theorist and even accompany Zayn during the ‘world premiere’ of the trailer for his documentary ‘proving’ Zayn ‘ . apparently committed against him. After the premiere, Paul does mention that Owens told him that Zayn is a little crazy and that he sees things that are not there.

All of this created the stage for Paul to accompany Zayn to the ring. The social media star did not take part in the contest directly – a great reception between two contestants and good friends who have shared the square circle over various promotions for almost two decades.

After Owens’ victory, Paul tried to celebrate the winner and left an angry Zayn behind to leave the ring. As the crowd yelled at Paul, Owens laughed at him, stared at him … and then came the inevitable.

While Paul’s appearance at WrestleMania was quick and quiet, it was not only a (satisfying) satisfying end to the Owens-Zayn conspiracy program, but also the cheers of the fans who followed the miracle showed that it was exactly which the WWE universe sought. during Paul’s appearance.

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