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WATCH: Virat Kohli touches Rishabh Pant’s feet after taking a successful review on Day 1 of the Nottingham Test

In the opening session of the first Test between England and India at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, the Indian captain Virat Kohli and wicketkeeper Rishabh pants got involved in a lago riot Zak Crawley’s dismissal.

While England new no. 3 Crawley climbed out on the last ball of the 21st over; a bit of the background about the wicket was that the visitors had earlier lost a review in the same over. But this time, when a pacemaker in India Mohammed Siraj a sharp inswing delivery to Crawley, but the right hand could not read the ballyn touching the stumps.

An excited Kohli opted for DRS after consulting Pant, who ensured the ball did not move over the stumps.

Soon, when the decision of the third referee goes in India’s favor, Kohli is finally seen slapping Pant. As expressive as he is, Kohli eventually touched Pant’s feet, except that he displayed hilarious emotions on the field.

Crawley makes 27 of 68 using four boundaries.

After choosing to bat first, England were 61/2 at lunch with captain Joe Root an opener Dominic Sibley fighting against the Indian patients.

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