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‘We lacked humility’ – Aguilar admits Cruz Azul players have had their Liga MX title changed

Cruz Azul defender Pablo Aguilar has admitted that the team allowed him to win the League MX title last season.

With the weight of a 23-year-old championship drought no longer on the shoulders of every player joining La Maquina, they have become too arrogant in their success, Aguilar told reporters, leading to a shock defeat with 2-0 against Mazatlan last weekend.

The center-back asked Cruz Azul to ‘be the humble team’ that has triumphed over Santos Laguna this past quarter.

What was said?

‘Honestly, we did not participate in the debut match with the same hunger; we have to go back to the humble team when we came in the last tournament, ‘Aguilar told reporters. TUDN.

“We must have the same mentality [as before]. We were [a little arrogant] in that first game we lacked humility.

“But we know what we have to do. We trust the teammates we have, we have to be humble, step by step we pursue the commitments we have as a great team and achieve the goal every day.”

Even the relationship with fans is different

“[Winning the title last May] has changed a lot, “Aguilar said. I can tell you that they greet you wherever they see you. Wherever they see you, they say they feel proud of the team or the players who are part of the team that got the title they were waiting for.

“This is the folklore of football … I have noticed a radical change.”

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