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‘We may decide not to play in it’ – UEFA president Ceferin warns that new plans for the World Cup could lead to a European boycott

There is still strong opposition to the controversial proposal, which indicates that the tournament should be held every two years.

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin has warned that the new World Cup plans could lead to a European boycott of the competition.

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has called for major reforms in his role as FIFA’s head of football development.

The Frenchman suggested that the World Cup be held every two years, with the conviction that a structural change is needed to reduce the travel time and the number of matches played at the highest level of international football.

Ceferin’s reaction

Ceferin confirmed last week that UEFA has ‘serious concerns’ about the plans in a written letter to the executive director of Football Supporters Europe, Ronan Evain.

Slovenia has now doubled its remarks while maintaining that Europe’s main governing body has widespread support in its opposition to the radical overhaul, which he says is contrary to the core values ​​of the game.

“We can decide not to play in it,” Ceferin said. The times. “As far as I know, the South Americans are on the same page. Good luck with such a World Cup. I think it will never happen as it is against the basics of football.

“To play a one-month tournament every summer, for the players, it’s a killer. If it clashes with the Women’s World Cup every two years, with the Olympic soccer tournament.

“The value is precisely because it’s every four years, you wait for it, it’s like the Olympics, it’s a big event. I do not see our federations supporting it.”

Will Wenger stand back?

FIFA is reviewing the international match calendar, and a final vote will be held on Wenger’s plans, which he said were well received in most corners of the game.

The 71-year-old, who coached Arsenal for 22 years before retiring in 2018, remains stubborn in his decision, but is also open to further discussion with the parties involved to reach the best possible decision.

“Overall, I think I got a very positive response, but this decision is a democratic decision and will definitely be taken by the 211 countries that are affiliated with FIFA. I think we continue to consult people,” Wenger said Thursday.

“I do not hesitate at all. I am 100% convinced that what I am proposing is the right solution for the modern way of organizing football. If people have better ideas, I am open to it and welcome every idea that is better than mine.

“I will not vote. I’m just making a proposal that I think will improve things and make life better for everyone, but especially football.”

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