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“Why would I lie if I needed people to help me?” – Ex-Super Eagle Siasia responds to Dare

The former attacker commented on the problems he was facing and said he was not treated well

Former Nigerian coach and player Samson Siasia has made this clear initial allegations against the government that questioned Sports Minister Sunday Dare.

Government official Dare said the former attacker had been helped and that the statements were made by Siasia had no facts.

“Why would I lie when I need people to help me? I can not begin to cause confusion when I actually need sympathy and help from people,” Siasia said as quoted by The whole of Africa.

“If I say something in an interview that he disagrees with, he could invite me to speak, not by going to the public and starting to embarrass ourselves. I have very serious issues to worry about. These are the things I’m worried about.

‘I’m disappointed. They should have brought the plea to the president and told him, this is one of our boys and he needs help. The president should know what’s going on. I have served this country.

“I won two Olympic medals [as coach], until now, no handshake; I have trained more than 30 players for this country. Two Olympic medals and to date they have not told me what they would do with all my players. Nothing. ‘

The 53-year-old explains his relationship with Dare and maintains that there are no personal differences.

“With respect to the minister and his office, since he met him, he has been very kind to me,” Siasia continued.

“Why should I have a problem with him? He tried his best to help me. That’s what I say. But I hold the view that the federal government of Nigeria did not support me when I needed the most help. I’m not a liar.

‘I therefore do not understand from what point of view the minister comes. I just said that the government did not assist me when I was in trouble with Fifa. I believe he is now fighting this battle like his own, because it is he who represents Fifa. The government. This is how I look at it. But I’m not lying. This is not fair to me and call me a liar. ‘

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