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Will Osimhen’s red card set the tone for another disappointing campaign?

The passionate Super Eagle will be sent off after 22 minutes against Venezia on Sunday and the warning from its driver must be echoed

With a huge amount of goals in the preseason, words of encouragement from his new manager in the off-season and a newly promoted team coming to Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in game week one; Victor Osimhen was tipped off Sunday night to tear Venezia to shreds.

22 minutes after Gianluca Aureliano’s first whistle, however, the Nigerian received his marches for violent action in front of the home support.

It was not expensive for the men of Luciano Spalletti who teamed up to defeat the Venice team in their first Serie A match in 19 years.

The situation that could be effectively resolved with a ‘talk’, Aureliano strangely punished the Super Eagle who received his first red card in the competition and the second since he for the Azzurri in the summer of 2020.

This is far from ideal for the foreman who came into the game at the back of an impressive pre-season, which included a quick firebreaker in a 3-0 takeover of Bayern Munich in Bavaria.

Victor Osimhen Red Flag Naples Venice

In total, Osimhen scored eight times in the team’s friendly matches and was out to punish a team that was victorious in their last 12 Serie A matches (a result of their 2001/2002 campaign) and one that tends to lose on the first day. anyway.

The 2-0 win was definitely what the doctor ordered, but Spalletti’s admonition of his star striker had to resonate, despite the feeling that he was working hard on the referee’s decision.

‘The expulsion of Osimhen? He has to be careful about his emotional reactions, “said Spalletti. Ilnapolista. “He’s a strong attacker, and all defenders will help each other. He will always have the hands of the defenders. He must be careful.

‘The referee was corrected when I went to talk to him, and he explained what he saw.

After praising the young striker on almost every occasion since he took the lead, Spalletti has now pointed out that he had to combat his insane pressure and zeal on the field.

In a sense, you are wondering how it will work, especially since the two elements distinguish the Nigerian superstar in general once he crosses the white border. He wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves everything on the field.

Victor Osimhen of Naples

Ideally, you would like the West African to find a balance and channel his zeal effectively, but then wonder if this will ever be a possibility for someone who is largely fueled by the fire in his belly.

It may not diminish as he gets older or matures — just ask Diego Costa, the pantomime villain in the field, and every change will be the ultimate successful character arc. After the label the ‘whisper of the attacker‘-and with good reason-it will be interesting to see how Spalletti shapes the 22-year-old in the coming weeks, months and maybe years as well.

On Sunday, Osimhen’s pressure was anything but scaled down. He hurried, sometimes unnecessarily, in an attempt to force mistakes in the construction of Venice.

After just four minutes, he won a free kick by putting pressure on visiting goalkeeper Niki Maenpaa, who was forced to make a mistake. Three minutes later, the Nigerian’s shooting stopper almost got a hasty clearance in the opening goal, after a ricochet from the goal scorer’s ball almost introduced the ball.

The forward, who looked hungry and had two attempts with a low percentage before his dismissal, is now missing matches in Genoa and possibly a big Juventus meeting in Naples after the international break.

Osimhen Naples

Maybe the momentum he gained in the campaign can unfortunately be lost a bit now, although the club has confirmed that an appeal is pending.

This strong run indeed started at the back of last season when he scored seven of his 10 Serie A goals from April, a return in the same period, only improved by Fiorentina’s Dusan Vlahovic.

Another season in which Osimhen scored double figures, he and Erling Haaland became the two youngest players – born in 1998 and 2000 respectively – to score 10 goals or more in league football for two consecutive campaigns.

Because his debut season was a disappointment, the preceding statistics put things in context.

He is expected to experience a stormy season, and some even believe the Nigerian is an outsider to the Top shooter. In that respect, you would hope that Sunday’s red card was only a setback and that the young midfielder will not be hampered by this early suspension.

Napoli continued their impressive record against Venice – which now stands at 11 wins in 13 meetings – with this recent victory Parthenopei‘s second Serie A victory on the run against the visitors from Venice.

After securing a fifth consecutive open league victory, the Champions League hopefuls hope that Osimhen will return to the blisters before the season after suspension, leading locals to believe that after an absence of two years after the elite competition from Europe would return.

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