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With a regular outing, Lexi Thompson starts the second round of the Tokyo Olympics with a new one

Lexi Thompson had a new bowl on her pocket on Thursday for the second round of the women’s golf tournament at the Tokyo Olympics: Drew Hinesley.

Hinesley, who was in Tokyo with NBC, took over because Thompson’s regular pickup truck, Jack Fulghum, suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration during the first round and had to walk out of the Kasumigaseki Country Club during the back nine on Wednesday.

Hinesley sat on the PGA Tour, and he sat for the then American amateur Bryson DeChambeau during the 2016 Masters.

During the first round, Fulghum stopped walking on hole no. 15 and looked at Thompson and asked, “Do I look white to you?” Thompson of Team USA said she realized something was wrong.

“He just didn’t look good,” she said.

Thompson, who was three overs after 14 holes, told Fulghum to sit down.

“He never stops,” Thompson said. “He did not go down. I just told him to sit down … I was so worried about him, and I mean, it’s so hot out there.”

Shortly afterwards, doctors rushed to Fulghum and began hydrating him and cooling him with ice. During the first round, the temperature reaches in the high 90s with minimal wind. Reportedly, it feels like 105 degrees.

Shortly after Fulghum left the pocket of Thompson, Donna Wilkins, the LPGA director of pin services, replaced him. On the final four holes, Thompson made three birdies and finished with a bogey and scored a round 1 over par.

Despite her birdie, Thompson said she was completely thrown away because Fulghum does everything for her, including carrying her site book and calculating her own numbers on the track.

“It finally worked out,” Thompson said. “His health is number 1, so that’s all that matters.”

Thompson said she was unsure after her first round about Fulghum’s status and whether he could sit on her pocket during the duration of the event.

“I hope he recovers … his health is the main problem at the moment. If he can not do that, I’ll just find a local person and figure out how to read a book. a few holes, “Thompson said.

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