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With their best FIFA ranking ever, Qatar has prepared for a competitive 2022 campaign

The Maroons have shown that it is a competitive outfit, as a home World Cup is big …

One of the most important movements in the latest issue of the FIFA rankings, which was released on Thursday, was that of Qatar without a doubt. The reigning Asian champions achieved an impressive 16 places to reach the 42nd place in the world, thanks to an impressive performance in the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2021.

This is the highest ranking ever in Qatar, which is equal to the point they set in the first edition of the FIFA rankings in 1993. And that was all the more important for Qatar, as it’s just a little over a year away with a home World Cup. The Maroen achieve a good time before their first World Cup campaign ever, judging by the achievements and now the rankings.

They waved their tongues with an amazing campaign in the Asian Cup in 2019, where they picked up like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South Korea and crowned it with a victory over Japan in the final. Now, with their Gold Cup campaign in 2021, they are reminded that the Maroen not only going to host the 2022 World Cup, but that they are there on merit.

Qatar;  Golden Cup 2021

Qatar has been invited as a guest team to the Gold Cup 2021, the continental competition of North America. And the men of Felix Sanchez Baz took full advantage of the stage to showcase their skills outside their continent and reach the semifinals. And they just narrowly lost a spot in the final, an 86th-minute goal by Gyasi Zardes that helped the U.S. sneak into the final. And Hassan Al-Haydos also missed a penalty in the game. Qatar could very well have been tied on another day. They got 18 shots on goal, as opposed to 6 by the US.

They play an open, fast, counter-attacking football mark with which they scored a series of nine goals in the group stages, scoring seven points with victories over Grenada (4-0) and Honduras (2-0) and a 3-0 3 draws against Panama. El Salvador’s challenge was overcome 3-2 in the quarterfinals before they tackled the eventual winners of the USA. And the tenth position in the world (20th during the match in Qatar) had to dig very deep to find a way past Qatar.

It was also the end of an unbeaten series of 12 matches by the Asian team. It should also be noted that Qatar is the only team to have concluded its second round of the 2022 Asian World Cup unbeaten. Interestingly, Qatar played in a friendly match against Croatia before the Gold Cup. Although Croatia contains only home-grown players, the men of Felix Sanches Baz emerged victorious.

Almoez Ali of Qatar;  Golden Cup 2021

And if the run-up to the semi-finals was the cake for Qatar’s efforts, the icing on the cake was that Almoez Ali, their 24-year-old star striker, was the tournament with four goals to his name. Just like Akram Afif and Captain Al-Haydos were impressive.

Qatar’s brilliant performance in foreign conditions defined their capabilities in many ways, especially after their Copa America campaign in 2019. Again, he played as a guest team, and Qatar finished in the group stages without a win. Most importantly, however, they were extremely competitive and held Paraguay before suffering minor losses to continental giants in Colombia and Argentina.

Obviously, the opposition that Qatar may not have been the strongest in the world during the Gold Cup was certainly not the level you would expect at the World Cup next year. But the competitiveness and style of football that Qatar has played promises some good moments.

During the Gold Cup, Qatar took a look at what they can expect from them during the World Cup – a team that works hard, is not afraid to give up possession and wait for their chances and a team moving through their attacking gears at the same time. , with pass. Of course, no one expects supernatural performances, but the increase in Qatar’s football league makes a competitive performance a guarantee.

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