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‘Yanga SC must stay behind after derby to give Simba SC a guard of honor’ – Manara

The Msimbazi giants pleaded with their sworn rivals to honor the derby and pay their respects during the final whistle

Simba SC has called on their rivals Yanga SC to stay behind and set up a guard of honor for the continental champions after their Kariakoo derby on Saturday.

The Reds from Msimbazi will host their Jangwani rivals in a top-of-the-table clash that is likely to decide the fate of the league title at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

Simba have already taken control of the 18-team league as they are six points ahead of their rivals, and a victory against the Jangwani giants will stand them in the way of a fourth consecutive title in the Tanzanian leading series achieved.

The two giants were supposed to play this match on May 18, but it was postponed after Yanga walked away at eleven o’clock when the Tanzanian Football Federation moved the kick-off time from 16:00 to 19:00.

Simba’s media official Haji Manara on Tuesday urged their rivals to make sure they honor the derby, further asking them to stay behind after the final whistle to give the champions a guard of honor.

What was said?

“We hope Yanga will show up this time, we hope they will honor the match. “If they do not show up, it’s another miracle, but if they do, I want to ask the police to confiscate the keys to their bus until we play the game,” said Manara Purpose.

Simba SC vs Yanga SC.

‘They have to show up and then decide to run away, so the best thing is that the security forces keep their bus keys until we play the game, even if it means security has to take the keys by force, the better, then after the game, can they get it back.

“I also hope for the match; Yanga will stay on the field to give the champions of Tanzania Simba a guard of honor. ”

Manara is confident that Simba will be crowned

On what he expects from the derby, Manara said: ‘Of course Saturday’s game always has its own problems, because it’s a derby, but in terms of the performance Simba has shown this season, the quality group we have is, know I do not see any reason why we can not get three points.

‘We also know that one point will be enough to give us the title, because we will reach 74 points and even if our rivals Yanga win the remaining two games after the derby, they will also score 74 points, but we have a better goal difference.

‘I do not think Yanga can score 30 goals from their remaining two games after our game, and I do not think Simba can lose the remaining four games after the Yanga game. This is impossible, so even a tie automatically gives us the title.

Shomari Kapombe from Simba SC vs Yanga SC.

‘The title is ours, we have the chance to win it, we only need three points to win a fourth consecutive title, and we will definitely win the title, and we will win Yanga because of the quality we have in our group.

“The rhetoric that derby is always unpredictable will not count on Saturday. In the current situation, the team with the best performance will always carry the day and everyone knows Simba is the best this season and we will beat them, we are better than Yanga 1oo and we will play at Mkapa where we kill opponents.

“We have prepared well, we have no injuries, we do not have a suspension, the technical bank has done their part and we want to show Yanga that we are the kings of Tanzania on Saturday.”

During the first meeting, Simba needed a 86th-minute goal from Kenyan defender Joash Onyango to score a late equalizer after Yanga took the lead through a 25-minute penalty that conceded goal scorer Michael Sarpong.

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