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‘You’re greedy and not the only one’ – Saleh complains former Barcelona star Messi over ‘crocodile tears’

The former coach of the pharaoh did not take in the tears of the Argentine international at the last press conference of Blaugrana and claims that he is greedy

Former Egypt and Libya coach Mohsen Saleh slammed Lionel Messi during his last press conference in Barcelona on Sunday for his ‘crocodile tears’.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner was in tears as he addressed the media, where he confirmed that a move to Paris Saint-Germain is possible.

The Argentine international became a free agent after the expiration of his contract with Blaugrana in June. However, the Camp Nou giants could not commit to a new agreement due to ‘financial and structural obstacles’.

With that, Messi’s trophy-laden period with the 26-time Spanish top-flight giant came to an end, and he is expected to announce his next destination in the coming days.

But Mohsen said the 34-year-old could continue to forfeit part of his wages to help the elite division team that is in a financial mess.

‘Crocodile tears are when a hypocrite cries, even if he does not feel sad. He really feels the opposite, “the 72-year-old wrote on Twitter.

‘Messi, why are you crying when you could have stayed by sacrificing part of your salary because of the current financial condition of the club?

“You are greedy and you are not the only one, you claim to be gone because of the rules, while others claim they are gone for ambition.”

Messi is Barcelona’s top scorer with 672 goals from 778 matches in all competitions.

He also won 34 titles at Barca, including 10 La Liga titles and four Champions League matches.

Meanwhile, former Real Madrid midfielder Mutiu Adepoju has claimed that the player’s departure would not be a disaster for La Liga.

‘Like every other big player who left La Liga, Messi’s departure would really be felt. However, it will never be the end of the league, “he told Goal.

‘As you know, several good players have come and gone, but La Liga continues to exist and the quality has never been affected.

“When [Cristiano] Ronaldo is gone, everyone missed him, but the Spanish top flight continued because there are several big stars in the league.

‘There are so many young players coming in and I believe another good player will be in the spotlight soon.

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