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Yuvraj Singh picks three players to fill his shoes in Team India

There can be no denying former India versatile Yuvraj Singh was one of the best white ball cricketers to play for Team India. He single-handedly won so many matches for his team and played a major role behind India’s glorious run at the T20 World Cup in 2007 and a 50-year-old World Cup in 2011.

The Punjabi cricketer was the backbone of ‘Men in Blue’ and one of the most reliable number 4 fixtures during his playing days. The position that Yuvraj batted earlier was only suitable for the players who could anchor the innings and finish the game with a lightning strike, and the left-hander has the excellence to chase both forms.

Not only that, the 39-year-old was also a skilled bowler and was known for breaking important batting partnerships of opposing teams. The value of Yuvraj can be understood by the fact that Team India is currently still struggling to find its next ‘Yuvraj’.

But what does Yuvraj himself think about the current team and players who can perfect his shoes? Well, during an interview with Times of India, Yuvi told the trio of Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja, en Hardik Pandya for the lower-middle order. The Chandigarh boy further believes that the combination left-right is quite dangerous as he and he MS Dhoni was during their time.

‘I probably do not see any left hand in the middle (if I am asked about the next Yuvraj Singh). Overall, we have some good hits in the middle. We have Rishabh (Pant). We have Hardik (Pandya). I think Rishabh and Hardik together if they play more one day and T20 together, they will both be a dynamic duo that will bat together, ” said Yuvraj.

‘Ravindra Jadeja comes in. These three guys can always change the course of the game. Jadeja has improved by leaps and bounds in one-day cricket and T20 cricket. The left-right combination is always dangerous, as I and MS Dhoni were. I look forward to seeing Rishabh, Hardik and Jadeja bat at the 5,6 and 7 slots, ” he added.

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